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Residential Fence Panels, Posts and Gates for Penticton

At P&E Lumber, we manufacture high-end grade of fence boards and fence panels. We build the panels, posts and gates at our Penticton mill site. We are able to provide custom sizes of fence panels and gates to fit your needs. Whether you are a homeowner, a contractor or a developer, we can help you out and save you money.


Listed below are the products we provide:

Cedar 1x6 S1S2E fence boards

3’- $2.50
4’ - $4.50
5’ - $5.50
6’ - $6.50
8’ - $10.00

Rough-cut fir fence boards full dimension

3’ - $2.84
4’ - $3.79
5’ - $4.74
6’ - $5.69
8’ - $7.58

If you need fence boards that are longer than the ones listed above, no problem; just call us!

Cedar 1x8 S1S2E fence boards

They can be made on request.

Cedar fence panels

6’ solid top panel $170.00
4’ solid top panel $155.00
6’ Square lattice top panel $165.00
4’ Square lattice top panel $150.00
5’ solid top panel $165.00
3’ solid top panel $135.00
5’ Square lattice top panel $160.00
3’ Square lattice top panel $120.00
Residential fencing


All panels are at the full height on the foot, and all regular panels are 8’ wide (96”).
Custom width panels can be made - they must be 96” or less.
Custom height panels can be made - they must be 72” or less.
Gates are all custom made - they must be 96” or less (a 6’ solid top gate at 36” wide is $155.00).
Split rail fencing

We carry a 2-rail system in stock and a 3-rail system in stock. The rails are all 10’ long, the posts all come in a line post, a corner post and an end post. The 2-rail system is about 36” high and the 3-rail system is about 48” high.


We carry a jumbo 10-rail system that is meant for a stacking fence. You can make this fence whatever height that you want, depending on how many pieces that you stack on top of each other.


Call us for pricing.

Residential fencing
Residential fencing

Design & Consultation

Talk to our professionals about your upcoming interior or exterior project.

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